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Since 2002 with a vision of the future

SoftnetCorp was created 18 years ago with a mission in mind "To contribute globally with the improvement of the quality of life through information technologies".

Founded with three main values: Honesty, empathy and integrity, we provide solutions with corporate ethics.

What emerged as a two-person, one-client operation has now become a multinational, with a team highly trained by the best and committed to providing quality professional services.

Our success is the direct result of our clients' success.

Our Team is Your Team

Luis Madera, CEO & CTO 

Luis, founder and visionary leader of the team, he is the driving force behind the company. He loves to keep busy by participating in strategy develpment, marketing and customer experience. 

Sulimalgis Castillo, QA Manager 

Sulimalgis, is one of those people who loves what she does and enjoys every opportunity to contribute to the improvement of the company in all aspect of the operation.

Yherobi Lezama, Sales Lead 

Always focused on making things happen, Yherobi is always focused on achieving results. Clients are his highest priority, that is why she has the ability to integrate SoftnetCorp with each client's team.

Naisha Lezama, Marketing Lead 

Creativity and inventiveness is always present in Naisha's professional practice, his approach to bring the company's services and solutions closer to customers, is increasingly innovative and close to the particular needs of each one of them.

Monica Guzman, Consultant 

Monica, love to interact with people, always seek to contribute positively to the human development of the team to build a favorable environment that guarantees the success of projects.

Flanklin Mendez, Consultant 

Understanding the needs of the clients and translating it into the behavior of the systems is a natural talent of Franklin, he is the business consultant that every client would like to have.

Jennifer Piña, Project Manager 

Articulate everything necesary to achieve the success of the projects, is Jennifer's specialty, she makes our vision in the projects come alive.

Maria Arenas, Project Manager 

Maria Gabriela bases her professional succes on making things happen, that each planned activity is carried out on time and with the quality expected in all her projects.

Professional Services

BPM Consulting

Documentation, process map, standards and procedures manual.


Modern management with Odoo ERP, the world's #1 open source enterprise resource planning system.

Digital Transformation

Technological adoption to operate your business in an innovative, modern and more productive way.

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Internationl Presence

More than 500 companies use our services to grow their businesses.

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