A great business needs great apps

That your business does not stop its rate of growth and development. Automate your process so your company is increasingly profitable, attract more customers and generate greater loyalty in the market.

An application for every need

With Odoo ERP your business worldwide all the time

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Forget about Paying Licenses

We believe that access to low-cost, high-performance enterprise resource planning tools allows organizations the ability to run their businesses without the worry of license fees.Deploy with us the version of Odoo that does not require licenses.

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Low Installation Cost

The Odoo deployment offered by SoftnetCorp is fully automated, making the cost of implementing the system the most competitive on the market. At the same time, the total cost of owenership allows you to invest the savings obtained in the deployment of the ERP, to grow your business.

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Business Continuity

We offer different technical support plans, in order to guarantee that your company will be operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 day a year, from any device, at any time and from any physical location.

Great Features for great people

Great employees deserve great applications.

Modular and integrated

Applications operating autonomously and at the same time integrated according to their functions.

Flexible and personalized

Allows the adaptation of Odoo to your own business model and your specific needs. 

Hosted in the cloud

No need to buy specialized servers or equipments, our cloud service does it for you.

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Intuitive and easy to use

The ease of using Odoo is such that no advanced training or courses are required. Simply follow of your company's processes and follow the automatic prompts of the system.

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Cross-platform support

You can use Odoo on any electronic platform, be it Laptop, PC, Tablet, Smartphone or Mac, as well as Windows, Linux or Unix operating systems.

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Great apps and innovative features that maximize the benefits of the system, by having continuos improvements that respond to the needs of users.

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Modern and open source

Incorporate into your business a state-of-the-art system, which is updated every year and allows you to adapt it to your specific business needs.

Production Apps

Modern Manutacturing


Automate your manufacturing process with a modern application.


Guarantee the operation of your machinery preventively.


Sotore your products and know the availability of each item.

Financial Apps

Real time financial process


Record your accounting operations daily and effectively.


Record invoices and accounts receivable from customers.


Know the financial status of your business in real time.

Applications for Services

That the client is your north

Customer Assistance

Provide personalized attention to your customers at all times.


Manage projects under PMI or Scrum methodologies.


Manage the relationship with your customers throughout the sales cycle.

eCommerce Apps

Sell your products and services online

Web site

Build a modern website to connect with your customers easily and simply.

Online Store

Sell your products and services online and collect payment no matter where you are.

Email marketing

Communicate your ideas professionally using bulk email tools.

Our Pricing


$ 2,500.00

/ year

  • Modules: Manufacturing, inventory, purchase, sales, accouting, invoicing, employees, projects, CRM, helpdesk.

  • Cloud hosting
  • Functional Consulting (40 hours)
  • Technical support - SLA 24x7x4

Small BIZ

$ 2,000.00

/ year

  • Modules: Inventory, purchase, sales, accounting, invoicing, employees, CRM helpdesk.

  • Cloud hosting
  • Functional Consultng (32 hours)
  • Technical support - 8x5xNBD


$ 1,500 .00

/ year
Commissions: ¢50 + 5% per each  transaction
  • Modules: Inventory, purchase, sales, accouting, invoicing, CRM, marketing, ecommerce and payment gateway.
  • Cloud hosting
  • Functional Consulting (24 hours)
  • Best effort technical support

Manage your business with the most modern productivity, financial and commercial tools at the best price.

Join us to make your company a better place every day!