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This new era let us use digital technologies to tranform traditional and non-digital business process and services, or create new ones, to meet with the evolving market and customer expectations, thus complety altering the way businesses are managed and operated. 

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Steps for Digital Transformation Success

1.Business Strategy and Leadership

A basic business strategy along with the fitting technologies can help you digitize or digitalize your business, but transformation requires the correct mindset and guidance.

2. Process Optimization

Every business involves numerous processes and operations that can be transformed to make workflows smoother and easier. Hence, you must keep business process optimization in mind while formulating the digital transformation strategy.

3. Digital Technologies

Identifying fitting technologies for your business is one of the most crucial steps while drafting the digital transformation strategy. Implementing digital technologies into your company will require a lot of financial investment. Hence, to avoid the need for extra funds, it must be done correctly.

Enabling Technologies

Cloud Computing

Leveraging the cloud is key component to most digital iniciatives as it enables greater flexibility and agility across an organization, as well as faster saclability in many instances.

Internet of Things

For manufacturers, Internet of Things technolgyis bringing unprecedented visibility into both products and process by update their operations with IoT and analytics-based awareness.


The use of robotics is expanding beyond repetitive taks to more analytics-based activitied powered by technolgies like IoT, sensors, and Artificial Intelligence.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR)  allows the use of computer  modeling and simulation that enables a person to interact with an artificial three-dimensional (3-D) visual or other sensory envirenment

Augmented Reality

The advantages of eterprise AR include improved worker productivity and quality, differenciated products and next-gen human machine interfaces.


The metaverse is the next evolution in social connection and the succesor to the mobile internet.  Like the internet, the metaverse will help you connect with people when you aren’t physically in the same place and get us even closer to that feeling of being together in person.