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Applying Artificial Intelligence to your Business

AI Cash Management

AI Cash Management uses sophisticated machine-learning techniques to help liquidity managers gain visibility into client cash balances and prioritize actions to both prevent balance attrition and win additional balance with optimized rate offers. The application leverages advanced AI algorithms to quantify client rate sensitivity and predict the clients most likely to reduce or end their relationship with the financial institution.

AI Planning Demand

AI Planning Demand helps meet customer demand with maximum operational efficiency and minimal production costs​ by generating optimal manufacturing schedules via an elastic solver. The application provides powerful scenario planning capabilities with full visibility into downstream impact and is applicable to a wide range of manufacturing processes across discrete, process, batch, and other manufacturing types.

AI Chain Risk

AI Supply Network Risk applies advanced machine learning and generative AI to help enterprises identify current and future risks across the whole supply chain from inbound supplier delays to order delivery risks, and manufacturing bottlenecks. The application leverages generative AI to highlight hidden risks and provides an intuitive user interface for supply chain teams to conduct natural language queries and rapidly access insights.

AI Smart Lending

AI Smart Lending enables financial institutions to streamline their credit origination process and mitigate borrower risks. The application uses interpretable, auditable, and traceable artificial intelligence to assess likelihood of approval and predict emerging financial distress based on a comprehensive view of a bank’s data. With AI Smart Lending financial institutions can accelerate time to decision, reduce cost of manual reviews, and drive consistency across risk teams.​

AI Predictive CRM

Drive cross-team accountability and visibility to revenure with actionable insights that help you win more.  AI CRM uses AI to forecast revenue, bookings, and consumption across multiple business dimensions, such as leader hierarchy, territory, product, account, and many others.

Surface the factors impacting opportunity outcomes, forecasts, and revenue. Receive early alerts and notifications for emerging risks. Unlock revenue predictability with external data and take rapid action to win more. 

AI Smart Decisions

AI Smart Decision improves domain awareness and battle management by synthesizing multiple intelligence sources and enabling commanders and other decision makers with AI insights. The application unifies and connects siloed data feeds to expose emergent risk insights and accelerates human decision timelines with advanced AI.   AI Smart Decision  provides decision makers and collection managers a seamless means to prioritize intelligence requirements, create optimized collection tasks, and process requests for collection through multi-INT fusion, sensor orchestration, and ISR scheduling optimization..

Solving the Unsolvable for all Types of Industries


AI address key issues across the manufacturing Value Chain.

Oil & Gas

Improve uptime, increase production outputs, mitigate risk, and optimiza processess.


Improve assest health and increase customer engagement.


Improve operational efficiency, increase customer engagement, and mitigate risk.

Retail & eCommerce

Transform shopper experience and supply chaing capabilities.


Improve diagnostics, treatments, outcomes and patient experience.


Energy Management empowers sustainability, facilities, and operations managers to achieve targets for energy cost


Improve customer mix and reduce operating costs.

AI Platform for all

Data science, IT, and business teams can work together seamlessly on one powerful platform to deliver the full power of enterprise AI.​​​  AI Platform unlocks business value through powerful data unification, seamless prototyping, and rapid production deployments — powering 1.8 billion predictions per day.​​​

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